Commit df56487d authored by Basile Desloges's avatar Basile Desloges
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[eacsl] Remove `-variadic-no-translation` when calling E-ACSL

parent b1ecbcfb
......@@ -763,8 +763,7 @@ LDFLAGS="$OPTION_LDFLAGS"
# Extra Frama-C Flags E-ACSL needs
-remove-unused-specified-functions \
# C, CPP and LD flags for compilation of E-ACSL-generated sources
MACRO: MACHDEP -machdep gcc_x86_64
MACRO: GLOBAL @MACHDEP@ -remove-unused-specified-functions -variadic-no-translation -verbose 0
MACRO: GLOBAL @MACHDEP@ -remove-unused-specified-functions -verbose 0
MACRO: EACSL -e-acsl -e-acsl-share ./share/e-acsl -e-acsl-verbose 1
MACRO: EVA -eva -eva-no-alloc-returns-null -eva-no-results -eva-no-print -eva-warn-key libc:unsupported-spec=inactive
MACRO: EVENTUALLY -print -ocode @DEST@.c -load-script ./tests/print.cmxs
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