Commit b1ecbcfb authored by Basile Desloges's avatar Basile Desloges
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[eacsl] Variadic translation is incompatible with `-e-acsl-validate-format-string`

parent ba25aa73
......@@ -42,12 +42,14 @@ let generate_code =
Temporal.enable (Options.Temporal_validity.get ());
if Plugin.is_present "variadic" then begin
let opt_name = "-variadic-translation" in
if Dynamic.Parameter.Bool.get opt_name () then begin
if Dynamic.Parameter.Bool.get opt_name () &&
Options.Validate_format_strings.get () then begin
if Ast.is_computed () then
"The variadic translation must be turned off for E-ACSL. \
Please use option '-variadic-no-translation'";
Options.warning "deactivating variadic translation";
"The variadic translation is incompatible with E-ACSL option \
'%s'.@ Please use option '-variadic-no-translation'."
Options.warning "deactivating variadic translation"; opt_name ();
STDOPT: #"-e-acsl-validate-format-strings"
STDOPT: #"-variadic-no-translation -e-acsl-validate-format-strings"
MACRO: ROOT_EACSL_GCC_OPTS_EXT --validate-format-strings --full-mtracking
MACRO: ROOT_EACSL_GCC_OPTS_EXT --validate-format-strings --full-mtracking -F -variadic-no-translation
MACRO: ROOT_EACSL_EXEC_FILTER @SEDCMD@ -e "s|/.*/share/e-acsl|FRAMAC_SHARE/e-acsl|"
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