Commit fcccfb88 authored by François Bobot's avatar François Bobot

Merge branch 'feature/andre/ptests-print-output-on-execnow-error' into 'master'

[ptests] try to print stdout/stderr when EXECNOW fails

See merge request frama-c/frama-c!2335
parents 5a277076 60275796
......@@ -1490,7 +1490,20 @@ let do_diff = function
let diff_string = !do_diffs ^ " " ^ oracle_file ^ " " ^ log_file in
ignore (launch diff_string)
| Target_error execnow ->
lock_printf "Custom command failed: %s@\n" execnow.ex_cmd
lock_printf "Custom command failed: %s@\n" execnow.ex_cmd;
let print_redirected out redir_str =
ignore (Str.search_forward (Str.regexp redir_str) execnow.ex_cmd 0);
let file = Str.matched_group 1 execnow.ex_cmd in
lock_printf "%s redirected to %s:@\n" out file;
if not (Sys.file_exists file) then
lock_printf "error: file does not exist: %s:@\n" file
ignore (launch ("cat " ^ file));
with Not_found -> ()
print_redirected "stdout" "[^2]> ?\\([-a-zA-Z0-9_/.]+\\)";
print_redirected "stderr" "2> ?\\([-a-zA-Z0-9_/.]+\\)";
| Log_error(dir, file) ->
let result_file =
Filename.sanitize (SubDir.make_result_file dir file)
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