Commit fb604b9f authored by Andre Maroneze's avatar Andre Maroneze 💬
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Merge branch 'fix/from/callwise' into 'master'

[From] Fixes a crash when the main function has no body.

Closes #361

See merge request frama-c/frama-c!2908
parents ff2a2b64 d3026797
......@@ -68,14 +68,13 @@ let call_for_individual_froms (call_type, value_initial_state, call_stack) =
if From_parameters.ForceCallDeps.get () then begin
let current_function, call_site = List.hd call_stack in
let register_from froms =
let { table_for_calls = table } = List.hd !call_froms_stack in
merge_call_froms table call_site froms;
record_callwise_dependencies_in_db call_site froms;
with Failure _ ->
"calldeps internal error 23 empty callfromsstack %a"
Kernel_function.pretty current_function
record_callwise_dependencies_in_db call_site froms;
match !call_froms_stack with
| { table_for_calls } :: _ ->
merge_call_froms table_for_calls call_site froms;
| [] ->
(* Empty call stack: this is the main entry point with no call site. *)
assert (call_site = Cil_types.Kglobal);
let compute_from_behaviors bhv =
let assigns = Ast_info.merge_assigns bhv in
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