Commit f3c832f9 authored by Allan Blanchard's avatar Allan Blanchard
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[eva] enable apron

parent 73055372
......@@ -84,13 +84,17 @@
(name apron_domain)
(public_name frama-c-eva.apron)
(public_name frama-c-eva.apron.core)
(flags -open Frama_c_kernel -open Eva__Private :standard -w -9)
frama-c.kernel frama-c-eva.core
apron.octMPQ apron.boxMPQ apron.polkaMPQ apron.apron)))
;(plugin (optional) (name eva-apron) (libraries frama-c-eva.apron) (site (frama-c plugins)))
(name eva.apron)
(libraries frama-c-eva.apron.core)
(site (frama-c plugins)))
(targets Eva.mli)
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