Commit eda46b38 authored by Virgile Prevosto's avatar Virgile Prevosto Committed by Andre Maroneze
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[Makefile] New crowbar target for linking the whole kernel

More or less needed if you want to use dynamically loaded plug-ins, for which
dependency tracking becomes more complicated.
parent ccc4d395
......@@ -1438,6 +1438,10 @@ tests/crowbar/%: tests/crowbar/ tests/crowbar/.%.depend .depend \
-deps tests/crowbar/.$*.depend -deps .depend) \
tests/crowbar/full-link-%: tests/crowbar/ lib/fc/frama-c.cmxa
$(OCAMLOPT) $(OLINKFLAGS) -ccopt "-Llib/fc" -w -42 -package crowbar -o $@ \
lib/fc/frama-c.cmxa $<
crowbar-%: tests/crowbar/%
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