Commit cdd24213 authored by Basile Desloges's avatar Basile Desloges
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[eacsl] Fix RTL function prefix in debug compilation

parent b8d27920
......@@ -39,7 +39,8 @@
* otherwise.
int separated2(void * ptr1, size_t size1, void * ptr2, size_t size2) {
DASSERT(valid_read(ptr1, size1, base_addr(ptr1), NULL) && valid_read(ptr2, size2, base_addr(ptr2), NULL));
DASSERT(eacsl_valid_read(ptr1, size1, eacsl_base_addr(ptr1), NULL)
&& eacsl_valid_read(ptr2, size2, eacsl_base_addr(ptr2), NULL));
// Cast pointers to char* to be able to do pointer arithmetic without
// triggering undefined behavior
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