Commit c99be93a authored by Allan Blanchard's avatar Allan Blanchard
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[wp] Add goal name on script error

parent b9ea1c36
......@@ -324,7 +324,8 @@ let rec crawl env on_child node = function
Task.return ()
| Error(msg,json) :: alternative ->
Wp_parameters.warning "@[<hov 2>Script Error %S: %a@]@."
Wp_parameters.warning "@[<hov 2>Script Error: on goal %a@\n%S: %a@]@."
WpPropId.pretty (Env.goal env node).po_pid
msg Json.pp json ;
crawl env on_child node alternative
......@@ -349,9 +350,11 @@ let rec crawl env on_child node = function
match jfork (Env.tree env) ?node jtactic with
| None ->
"Script Error: can not apply '%s'@\n\
"Script Error: on goal %a@\n\
can not apply '%s'@\n\
@[<hov 2>Params: %a@]@\n\
@[<hov 2>Select: %a@]@."
WpPropId.pretty (Env.goal env node).po_pid
Json.pp jtactic.params
Json.pp ;
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