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......@@ -180,6 +180,7 @@ This optimization is not activated by default, since the non-aliasing
assumptions at call sites are sometimes irrelevant.
\section{Mixed models hypotheses}
For the previously presented \textsf{Ref} model, but also for the
\textsf{Typed}, and \textsf{Caveat} models presented later, WP lists
......@@ -823,13 +823,17 @@ The available \textsf{WP} command-line options related to model selection are:
makes the \textsf{WP} emitting a warning on each volatile access.
\item[\tt -wp-(no)-warn-memory-model] this option (de)activate the
warnings about memory model hypotheses
for the generated proof obligations. For each model supporting this feature, and each concerned function,
for the generated proof obligations, as described in Section~\ref{wp-model-hypotheses}.
For each model supporting this feature, and each concerned function,
an \textsf{ACSL} specification is printed on output.
Currently, only the \texttt{Caveat}, \texttt{Typed} and \texttt{Ref} memory models support
this feature.
this feature. See also experimental option below.
\item[\tt -wp-(no)-check-memory-model] this \emph{experimental} option generates
the hypotheses listed by the option \texttt{-wp-warn-memory-model} as ACSL contracts and
asks WP to verify them. Disabled by default.
ACSL contracts for the selected memory model hypotheses, as described
in Section~\ref{wp-model-hypotheses} and listed by option
Hence, the memory model hypothes are exposed to \textsf{WP} and other plugins.
Disabled by default.
\subsection{Computation Strategy}
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