Commit 9bc999dc authored by Andre Maroneze's avatar Andre Maroneze
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[Kernel] add functions for semantic comparisons between locations

parent 7d62b3d0
......@@ -214,10 +214,23 @@ module Location = struct
Format.fprintf fmt "generated"
let pretty_debug fmt loc =
Format.fprintf fmt "(%a:%d:%d,%a:%d:%d)"
Datatype.Filepath.pretty (fst loc).Filepath.pos_path
(fst loc).Filepath.pos_lnum (fst loc).Filepath.pos_cnum
Datatype.Filepath.pretty (snd loc).Filepath.pos_path
(snd loc).Filepath.pos_lnum (snd loc).Filepath.pos_cnum
let of_lexing_loc (pos1, pos2) =
Position.of_lexing_pos pos1, Position.of_lexing_pos pos2
let to_lexing_loc (pos1, pos2) =
Position.to_lexing_pos pos1, Position.to_lexing_pos pos2
let equal_start_semantic (pos1, _) (pos2, _) =
Filepath.(Datatype.Filepath.equal pos1.pos_path pos2.pos_path
&& pos1.pos_lnum = pos2.pos_lnum
&& pos1.pos_cnum - pos1.pos_bol = pos2.pos_cnum - pos2.pos_bol)
module Instr = struct
......@@ -69,9 +69,26 @@ module Location: sig
the full-path to the file. The default pretty-printer [pretty] echoes
[<dir/f>:<l>] *)
val pretty_line: t Pretty_utils.formatter
(** Pretty-print both location start and end, including file, line and
character offset.
@since Frama-C+dev
val pretty_debug: t Pretty_utils.formatter
(** Prints only the line of the location *)
val of_lexing_loc : Lexing.position * Lexing.position -> t
val to_lexing_loc : t -> Lexing.position * Lexing.position
(** Compares two locations semantically, only taking into account their
starting position. Compares normalized filenames, lines and columns,
but no absolute character offsets.
@since Frama-C+dev
val equal_start_semantic : location -> location -> bool
module Localisation: Datatype.S with type t = localisation
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