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[doc] explanation of Typing.Memo

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......@@ -110,6 +110,8 @@ type computed_info =
must be casted to. If [None], no cast needed. *)
(* Memoization module which retrieves the computed info of some terms. If the
info is already computed for a term, it is never recomputed *)
module Memo: sig
val memo: (term -> computed_info) -> term -> computed_info
val get: term -> computed_info
......@@ -118,6 +120,19 @@ end = struct
module H = Hashtbl.Make(struct
type t = term
(* the comparison over terms is the physical equality. It cannot be the
structural one (given by [Cil_datatype.Term.equal]) because the very
same term can be used in 2 different contexts which lead to different
By construction, there are no physically equal terms in the AST
built by Cil. Consequently the memoisation should be fully
useless. However the translation of E-ACSL guarded quantification
generates new terms (see module {!Quantif}) which must be typed. The term
corresponding to the bound variable [x] is actually used twice: once in
the guard and once for encoding [x+1] when incrementing it. The
memoization is only useful here and indeed prevent the generation of
one extra variable in some cases. *)
let equal (t1:term) t2 = t1 == t2
let hash = Cil_datatype.Term.hash
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