Commit 8ee36171 authored by Virgile Prevosto's avatar Virgile Prevosto
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[printer] make a function tailrec to avoid stack overflow

parent 095b6ce6
......@@ -1393,9 +1393,9 @@ class cil_printer () = object (self)
if cut && not inline && not braces then pp_print_cut fmt ();
self#next_stmt Cil.invalidStmt fmt s
| s_cur :: (s_next :: _ as tail) ->
Format.fprintf fmt "%a@ %a"
(self#next_stmt s_next) s_cur
(iterblock ~cut:false) tail
Format.fprintf fmt "%a@ "
(self#next_stmt s_next) s_cur;
(iterblock[@tailcall]) ~cut:false fmt tail
let stmts = blk.bstmts in
if stmts = [] && not braces then fprintf fmt ";"
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