Commit 7e0e307a authored by Andre Maroneze's avatar Andre Maroneze 💬
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[Metrics] fix help message and enforce test oracle

parent f70cdc4a
......@@ -49,9 +49,8 @@ module OutputFile =
let option_name = "-metrics-output"
let arg_name = "filename"
let help = "print some metrics into the specified file; \
the output format is recognized through the extension. \
If the filename is only the extension (txt, html, json), \
print to stdout but in the specified format."
the output format is recognized through the extension: \
.text/.txt for text, .html/.htm for HTML, or .json for JSON."
module ValueCoverage =
/* run.config
STDOPT: #"-metrics-no-libc -metrics-eva-cover"
STDOPT: #"-metrics-libc -metrics-eva-cover"
STDOPT: #"-metrics-libc -metrics-output @PTEST_DIR@/oracle/libc.json"
LOG: @PTEST_DIR@/oracle/libc.json
STDOPT: #"-metrics-libc -metrics-output @PTEST_DIR@/result/libc.json"
LOG: libc.json
#include <ctype.h>
#include <stdio.h> // defines external variables
[kernel] Parsing tests/metrics/libc.c (with preprocessing)
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