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Merge branch 'fix/andre/reference-configuration-ppx-deriving-yojson' into 'master'

[Dev] add ppx_deriving_yojson to reference configuration; sort and update list

See merge request frama-c/frama-c!2730
parents cea2ad71 b0e20a5e
The following set of packages is known to be a working configuration for
compiling Frama-C 21 (Scandium), on a machine with gcc <= 9[^gcc-10]
compiling Frama-C+dev, on a machine with gcc <= 9[^gcc-10]
- OCaml 4.07.1
- ocamlfind.1.8.0
- apron.v0.9.12 (optional)
- lablgtk.2.18.10 | lablgtk3.3.0.beta6 + lablgtk3-sourceview3.3.0.beta6
- mlgmpidl.1.2.12 (optional)
- OCaml 4.08.1
- alt-ergo.2.0.0 (for wp, optional)
- apron.v0.9.12 (for eva, optional)
- lablgtk.2.18.11 | lablgtk3.3.1.1 + lablgtk3-sourceview3.3.1.1
- mlgmpidl.1.2.12 (for eva, optional)
- ocamlfind.1.8.1
- ocamlgraph.1.8.8
- ppx_deriving_yojson.3.5.2 (for mdr, optional)
- why3.1.3.1
- alt-ergo.2.0.0 (for wp, optional)
- yojson.1.7.0
- zarith.1.9.1
- zmq.5.1.3 (for server, optional)
......@@ -16,5 +17,4 @@ compiling Frama-C 21 (Scandium), on a machine with gcc <= 9[^gcc-10]
[^gcc-10]: As mentioned in this [OCaml PR](
gcc 10 changed its default linking conventions to make them more stringent,
resulting in various linking issues. In particular, only OCaml 4.10 can be
linked against gcc-10. With respect to the list above, this also means using
ocamlfind.1.8.1 and the development version of lablgtk (
\ No newline at end of file
linked against gcc-10.
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