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......@@ -1631,11 +1631,64 @@ Reports are generated with the following command-line options:
(described below).
\item[\tt -wp-report-basename <name>] set the basename for exported
reports (described below).
\item[\tt -wp-report-json <file>.json] output the reports in JSON format.
If the file already exists, it is used to stabilize the \verb+range+ of steps
reports in all other reports (see below).
\item[\tt -wp-report-json <file>.json] output the proof report in JSON format.
See sections below for details on the generated report formats.
\subsection{JSON Reports}
The generated JSON report format consists of an array of JSON records, one for
each generated toplevel goal. Each record consists of the following fields,
some of them being optional when indicated:
\item[\tt "goal":<string>] goal identifier (same as in console report);
\item[\tt "property":<string>] property identifier (see \textsf{Frama-C/Report} documentation);
\item[\tt "file":<string>] source file location;
\item[\tt "line":<number>] source line location;
\item[\tt "axiomatic"?:<string>] axiomatic name (optional);
\item[\tt "function"?:<string>] function name (optional);
\item[\tt "behavior"?:<string>] behavior name (optional, non-default);
\item[\tt "smoke":<boolean>] smoke-tests goal
(\textbf{warning:} Cf. fields \verb+"verdict"+ and \verb+"passed"+ below);
\item[\tt "verdict":<string>] prover returned status. Can be \verb+"none"+,
\verb+"valid"+, \verb+"failed"+, \verb+"unknown"+, \verb+"stepout"+ or
\verb+"timeout"+ (\textbf{warning:} Cf. field \verb+"passed"+ below);
\item[\tt "passed":<boolean>] is \verb+"true"+ when the prover verdict is valid for non-smoke tests,
or when the prover verdict is \textit{not} valid for smoke tests;
\item[\tt "script"?:<string>] script file, when available (optional);
\item[\tt "tactics"?:<number>] number of tactics involved in the script (optional);
\item[\tt "provers":\jsarray{<prover>}] prover detailed output. Each entry of the array is a record
that consists of the following fields:
\item[\tt "prover":<string>] prover name (with version, see option \texttt{-wp-prover});
\item[\tt "time":<number>] prover time, in milliseconds. For \texttt{Qed}
prover, includes also the total simplification time for other provers and
tactics that contributes to the goal;
\item[\tt "success":<number>] number of valid sub-goals the prover contributes to.
\item[\tt "subgoals"?:<number>] number of associated sub-goals (optional, when more than one);
\item[\tt "proved"?:<number>] number of sub-goals proved (optional, when non-zero);
\item[\tt "failed"?:<number>] number of sub-goals ending with prover failure or failed smoke-tests
(optional, when non-zero);
\item[\tt "timeout"?:<number>] number of sub-goals ending in timeout or step-out
(except for smoke-tests) (optional, when non-zero);
\item[\tt "unknown"?:<number>] number of sub-goals with unknown verdict
(except for smoke-tests) (optional, when non-zero);
\item[\tt "cached"?:<number>] number of cached sub-goals verdicts
(including \texttt{Qed} proved sub-goals) (optional, when non-zero).
Notice that the JSON report file is printed in compact form without extra space nor indentation,
unless verbose level is greater than 2 or debug level is greater than 1.
\subsection{Template-based Reports}
Reports are created from user defined wp-report specification files.
The general format of a wp-report file is as follows:
......@@ -250,6 +250,8 @@ let stats_to_json g (s : Stats.stats) : Json.t =
"function", `String (Kernel_function.get_name kf);
"behavior", `String bhv ;
] in
let proofs = Stats.proofs s in
let subgoals = if proofs > 1 then ["subgoals", `Int proofs] else [] in
"goal", `String g.po_gid ;
......@@ -262,13 +264,12 @@ let stats_to_json g (s : Stats.stats) : Json.t =
"verdict", `String (VCS.name_of_verdict s.verdict) ;
] @ script @ [
"provers", `List ( pstats_to_json s.provers) ;
] @
] @ subgoals @
List.filter (function (_,`Int n) -> n > 0 | _ -> true) [
"tactics", `Int s.tactics;
"proved", `Int s.proved;
"timeout", `Int s.timeout;
"unknown", `Int s.unknown ;
"noresult", `Int s.noresult ;
"failed", `Int s.failed ;
"cached", `Int s.cached ;
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