Commit 60f0ee34 authored by Allan Blanchard's avatar Allan Blanchard
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[install] emacs files

parent f7ba2921
......@@ -27,6 +27,11 @@
; Auto-Complete
(autocomplete_frama-c as autocomplete_frama-c)
(_frama-c as _frama-c)
; Emacs
(emacs/frama-c-init.el as emacs/frama-c-init.el)
(emacs/frama-c-dev.el as emacs/frama-c-dev.el)
(emacs/frama-c-recommended.el as emacs/frama-c-recommended.el)
(emacs/acsl.el as emacs/acsl.el)
; Useful Makefiles
(Makefile.common as Makefile.common)
(Makefile.headers as Makefile.headers)
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