Commit 3b427eb0 authored by Maxime Jacquemin's avatar Maxime Jacquemin
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[Eva] Bug fix in the "smashed" function of

The function relied on "" which is not tail-rec. With enough
plevel, it provoked a stack overflow. I've simply fixed it by performing
the mapped computation inside the fold directly.
parent 6052c729
......@@ -117,7 +117,9 @@ struct
let smashed (s : store) : state Lattice_bounds.or_bottom =
match expanded s with
| [] -> `Bottom
| (_k, v1) :: l -> `Value (List.fold_left Domain.join v1 ( snd l))
| (_k, v1) :: l ->
let f acc (_k, v) = Domain.join acc v in
`Value (List.fold_left f v1 l)
let contents (flow : flow) : state list =
Flow.to_list flow
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