Commit 336f28f6 authored by Allan Blanchard's avatar Allan Blanchard

[parser] Merge assigns dependencies

parent 3ce322ba
......@@ -109,32 +109,43 @@
let loc_ext d = { extended_node = d; extended_loc = loc () }
let concat_deps ds1 ds2 =
let fold ds d = if List.exists (is_same_lexpr d) ds then ds else d :: ds in
let ds = List.fold_left fold [] ds1 in
let ds = List.fold_left fold ds ds2 in
List.rev ds
let filter_from (l, d) =
match d with
| From ds -> l, From (concat_deps [] ds)
| _ -> l, d
let concat_froms a1 a2 =
let compare_pair (b1,_) (b2,_) = is_same_lexpr b1 b2 in
let compare_pair (l1,_) (l2,_) = is_same_lexpr l1 l2 in
(* NB: the following has an horrible complexity, but the order of
clauses in the input is preserved. *)
let concat_one acc (_,f2 as p) =
let concat_one acc (l,d2 as f2) =
let (_,f1) = List.find (compare_pair p) acc
let (_,d1) = List.find (compare_pair f2) acc
match (f1, f2) with
match (d1, d2) with
| _,FromAny ->
(* the new fundeps does not give more information than the one
which is already present. Just ignore it.
| FromAny, _ ->
| FromAny, From _ ->
(* the new fundeps is strictly more precise than the old one.
We replace the old dependency by the new one, but keep
the location at its old place in the list. This ensures
that we get the exact same clause if we try to
link the original contract with its pretty-printed version. *)
Extlib.replace compare_pair p acc
| From _, From _ ->
Extlib.replace compare_pair (filter_from f2) acc
| From ds1, From ds2 ->
(* we keep the two functional dependencies,
as they have to be proved separately. *)
acc @ [p]
with Not_found -> acc @ [p]
Extlib.replace compare_pair (l, From (concat_deps ds1 ds2)) acc
with Not_found -> acc @ [filter_from f2]
in List.fold_left concat_one a1 a2
let concat_allocation fa1 fa2 =
int a, b, c, d, e;
/*@ assigns a;
assigns a \from a, a, b, c, c;
assigns a \from c, b, d, e, a;
assigns a;
assigns b \from a, e, b, d, c;
assigns c \from c, c, c, c, c;
void function(void)
[kernel] Parsing tests/syntax/multiple_froms.i (no preprocessing)
/* Generated by Frama-C */
int a;
int b;
int c;
int d;
int e;
/*@ assigns a, b, c;
assigns a \from a, b, c, d, e;
assigns b \from a, e, b, d, c;
assigns c \from c;
void function(void)
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