Commit 32029606 authored by David Bühler's avatar David Bühler
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[Eva] Uses the deprecated alias -slevel in test value/summary.

Tests the emitted warning on use of deprecated aliases.
parent b53894ef
[kernel] Warning: -slevel is a deprecated alias for option -eva-slevel.
Please use -eva-slevel instead.
[kernel] Parsing tests/value/summary.i (no preprocessing)
[rte] annotating function alarms
[rte] annotating function bottom
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
STDOPT: +"-eva-msg-key=summary -main minimal"
STDOPT: +"-eva-msg-key=summary -main bottom"
STDOPT: +"-eva-msg-key=summary -main main"
STDOPT: +"-rte -eva-msg-key=summary -main main"
STDOPT: +"-rte -eva-msg-key=summary -main main -slevel 0"
/* Tests the summary on the smallest possible program. */
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