Commit 1fb898cc authored by David Bühler's avatar David Bühler Committed by Andre Maroneze
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[Eva] Option -eva-domains-function always checks the domains name.

Even when no function is bound to the domain name (which should raise an error
parent 9752800f
......@@ -209,11 +209,16 @@ let () =
let () = Parameter_customize.set_group domains
module DomainsFunction =
include Datatype.String
let of_string str = check_domain str; str
let of_singleton_string = no_element_of_string
let to_string str = str
include Domain_mode.Function_Mode
let of_string ~key ~prev str =
check_domain key;
try of_string ~key ~prev str
with Invalid_argument msg -> raise (Cannot_build msg)
......@@ -225,6 +230,7 @@ module DomainsFunction =
<d:f-> disables the domain [d] from function [f]."
let arg_name = "d:f"
let default = Datatype.String.Map.empty
let dependencies = []
let () = add_precision_dep DomainsFunction.parameter
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