Commit 1db8374f authored by Virgile Prevosto's avatar Virgile Prevosto
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[headers] better info message on checked headers in presence of renaming

parent b908d490
......@@ -206,8 +206,12 @@ else
ifneq ($(HDRCK.HAS_GIT),)
define HDRCK.file-list-from-git-diff-info
$(GIT) diff --name-status $(1) | $(GREP) -v "^D" | $(SED) -e "s/^[CR][0-9]\+[ \t]\+[^ \t]\+[ \t]\+//" -e "s/^[AM][ \t]*//"
define HDRCK.file-list-from-git-diff
$(GIT) diff --name-status $(1) | $(GREP) -v "^D" | $(SED) -e "s/^[CR][0-9]\+[ \t]\+[^ \t]\+[ \t]\+//" -e "s/^[AM][ \t]*//" | $(TR) '\n' '\000' | $(HDRCK.FILE_ATTR)
$(call HDRCK.file-list-from-git-diff-info,$(1)) | $(TR) '\n' '\000' | $(HDRCK.FILE_ATTR)
HDRCK.main-targets=check-headers headers
......@@ -218,7 +222,7 @@ $$(HDRCK.$(1)-filter-targets):: HDRCK.SPEC=$$(call HDRCK.file-list-from-git-diff
$$(HDRCK.$(1)-filter-targets):: %.$(1) : $(3) %
@echo [HDRCK] Done: HDRCK_DIFF=\"$(2)\" make $$(basename $$@)
@echo [HDRCK] checked file list:
$$(GIT) diff --name-status $(2)
$$(call HDRCK.file-list-from-git-diff-info,$(2))
ifneq ($(HEADER_DIFF),)
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