Commit 122a4bce authored by Allan Blanchard's avatar Allan Blanchard
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[wp] FIxes upper_bound on init range in semantics

parent 837b6f2a
......@@ -455,16 +455,18 @@ struct
| Warning.Failed warn -> warn , (F.p_true, F.p_true)
| Warning.Result(warn , hyp) -> warn , hyp
let init_range ~sigma lv typ a b value =
let init_range ~sigma lv typ low excl_up value =
let obj = Ctypes.object_of typ in
let outcome = Warning.catch
~severe:false ~effect:"Skip initializer"
(fun () ->
let l = lval sigma lv in
let e = Extlib.opt_map (exp sigma) value in
let a = e_bigint a and b = e_bigint b in
(is_exp_range sigma l obj a b e),
(M.initialized sigma (Rrange(l, obj, Some a, Some b)))
let low = e_bigint low in
let excl_up = e_bigint excl_up in
let incl_up = e_sub excl_up e_one in
(is_exp_range sigma l obj low excl_up e),
(M.initialized sigma (Rrange(l, obj, Some low, Some incl_up)))
) () in
match outcome with
| Warning.Failed warn -> warn , (F.p_true, F.p_true)
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