Commit 0bdc905b authored by Patrick Baudin's avatar Patrick Baudin
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[ptests] allows %{read:file} in STDOPT/OPT/EXECNOW

parent 4d24c9d3
......@@ -1284,9 +1284,12 @@ let pp_command_deps fmt command =
Fmt.(list (package_as_deps (quote plugin_as_package))) (list_of_deps command.deps.load_plugin)
let show_cmd =
let regexp = Str.regexp "%{[a-z]+:\\([^}]+\\)}" in
let subst = Str.global_replace regexp "\\1" in
let regexp_read = Str.regexp "%{read:\\([^}]+\\)}" in
let subst_read = Str.global_replace regexp_read "$(cat \\1)" in
let regexp_ignore = Str.regexp "%{[a-z]+:\\([^}]+\\)}" in
let subst_ignore = Str.global_replace regexp_ignore "\\1" in
fun x ->
subst_ignore (subst_read x)
let redirection ?reslog ?errlog cmd =
match reslog, errlog with
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