Commit 09778101 authored by David Bühler's avatar David Bühler Committed by Virgile Prevosto
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[Makefile] Uses UTF8 encoding for the ocamldoc generation.

parent 6db87009
......@@ -140,7 +140,7 @@ OFLAGS = $(PACKAGES) $(FLAGS) $(DEBUG) $(INCLUDES) -compact \
BLINKFLAGS += -linkpkg $(BFLAGS) -linkall -custom
OLINKFLAGS += -linkpkg $(OFLAGS) -linkall
DOC_FLAGS= -colorize-code -stars -m A $(PACKAGES) $(INCLUDES) $(GUI_INCLUDES)
DOC_FLAGS= -charset utf8 -colorize-code -stars -m A $(PACKAGES) $(INCLUDES) $(GUI_INCLUDES)
ifneq ($(VERBOSEMAKE),yes)
DOC_FLAGS+= -hide-warnings
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