Commit 59a2f1d4 authored by Stefan Gränitz's avatar Stefan Gränitz
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Fix infinite loop when processing unknown double-dash argument

Paragraph 4.1 (framaCIRGen specific options) of the frama-clang documentation states that the parameters `--info`, `--warn` and `--debug` might be used to enable extra messages at runtime. They don't appear to be implemented right now. Instead, execution gets stuck in an infinite loop.
parent 2bc0b033
......@@ -202,6 +202,9 @@ ProcessArguments::process(char** argument, int& currentArgument) {
else if (strcmp(argument[0],"--gen-impl-meth")==0) {
} else {
std::cout << "Ignore unknown argument: " << argument[0] << std::endl;
return true;
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