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authors: "Patrick Baudin, François Bobot, David Bühler, Loïc Correnson, Florent Kirchner, Nikolai Kosmatov, André Maroneze, Valentin Perrelle, Virgile Prevosto, Julien Signoles and Nicky Williams "
title: "The Dogged Pursuit of Bug-Free C Programs: The Frama-C Software Analysis Platform"
book: "Communications of the ACM, Vol. 64, No. 8"
link: ""
year: 2021
category: foundational
The C programming language is a cornerstone of computer science. Designed by
Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson at Bell Labs as a key element of Unix
engineering, it was rapidly adopted by system-level programmers for its
portability, efficiency, and relative ease of use compared to assembly
languages. Nearly 50 years after its creation, it is still widely used in
software engineering.
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