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23.1-Vanadium release

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layout: default
date: "21-07-2021"
event: Frama-C 23.1 (Vanadium)
title: Release of Frama-C 23.1 (Vanadium)
link: /fc-versions/vanadium.html
Frama-C 23.1 (Vanadium) is out. Download it [here](/fc-versions/vanadium.html).
Main changes with respect to Frama-C 23 (Vanadium) include:
#### E-ACSL
- Fix crash related to several ACSL constructs
- Fix crash when raising some user errors
#### WP
- Fix a crash related to opaque structures memory typing
......@@ -4,39 +4,39 @@ number: 23
name: Vanadium
acsl: 17
- number: 0
- number: 1
- name: Frama-C v23.0 Vanadium
- name: Frama-C v23.1 Vanadium
- name: Source distribution
link: /download/frama-c-23.0-Vanadium.tar.gz
link: /download/frama-c-23.1-Vanadium.tar.gz
help: Compilation instructions
help_link: /html/installations/vanadium.html
- name: User manual
link: /download/user-manual-23.0-Vanadium.pdf
link: /download/user-manual-23.1-Vanadium.pdf
- name: Plug-in development guide
link: /download/plugin-development-guide-23.0-Vanadium.pdf
link: /download/plugin-development-guide-23.1-Vanadium.pdf
help: Hello plug-in tutorial archive
help_link: /download/hello-23.0-Vanadium.tar.gz
help_link: /download/hello-23.1-Vanadium.tar.gz
- name: API Documentation
link: /download/frama-c-23.0-Vanadium-api.tar.gz
link: /download/frama-c-23.1-Vanadium-api.tar.gz
- name: ACSL 1.17 (Vanadium implementation)
link: /download/acsl-implementation-23.0-Vanadium.pdf
link: /download/acsl-implementation-23.1-Vanadium.pdf
- name: Plug-in Manuals
sort: true
- name: Aoraï manual
link: /download/aorai-manual-23.0-Vanadium.pdf
link: /download/aorai-manual-23.1-Vanadium.pdf
help: Aoraï example
help_link: /download/aorai-example-23.0-Vanadium.tgz
help_link: /download/aorai-example-23.1-Vanadium.tgz
- name: Metrics manual
link: /download/metrics-manual-23.0-Vanadium.pdf
link: /download/metrics-manual-23.1-Vanadium.pdf
- name: Rte manual
link: /download/rte-manual-23.0-Vanadium.pdf
link: /download/rte-manual-23.1-Vanadium.pdf
- name: Eva manual
link: /download/eva-manual-23.0-Vanadium.pdf
link: /download/eva-manual-23.1-Vanadium.pdf
- name: WP manual
link: /download/wp-manual-23.0-Vanadium.pdf
link: /download/wp-manual-23.1-Vanadium.pdf
- name: E-ACSL manual
link: /download/e-acsl/e-acsl-manual-23.0-Vanadium.pdf
link: /download/e-acsl/e-acsl-manual-23.1-Vanadium.pdf
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