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# Frama-C Website #
This is the working space for the Frama-C website. It uses Jekill, but you don't
have to install anything, since everything is generated by the continuous integration.
# For contributing #
Get Git LFS from the `git-lfs` package or directly from:
curl -s | sudo bash
sudo aptitude install git-lfs
Get the repository normaly:
git clone
The bigfiles of the website (*.pdf, *.tar.gz) are not directly in the git
repository, only a text file is present.
You can download locally one file:
git lfs pull -X "" -I foo.pdf
Or all pdf:
git lfs pull -X "" -I "*.pdf"
If you want to edit the website before the release, for updating informations,
for releasing your plugin, I strongly encourage you to do so. As usual you can use a
branch `feature/...` and a merge-request to `master`.
If you want to add a bigfile you have nothing to do. `git push` will
send the needed files.
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