Commit 537081e3 authored by Andre Maroneze's avatar Andre Maroneze 💬
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Merge branch 'feature/kernel/remove-ast-nodes' into 'master'

Follows removed AST nodes in kernel

See merge request frama-c/meta!57
parents 2be48906 3c2df742
......@@ -203,7 +203,7 @@ let make_dynamic_modif_code name lvar =
let incinstr = Call (None, realloc, [arg; newsize], unkloc) in
let inc = Cil.mkStmtOneInstr ~ghost:true incinstr in
Cil.mkStmt ~ghost:true (If (cond, Cil.mkBlock [inc], Cil.mkBlock [], unkloc)));
(let addr = Cil.mkBinOp unkloc IndexPI (Cil.evar tabvar) (Cil.evar sizevar) in
(let addr = Cil.mkBinOp unkloc PlusPI (Cil.evar tabvar) (Cil.evar sizevar) in
let tabcell = Cil.mkMem addr NoOffset in
let value = Option.get lvar.lv_origin |> Cil.evar in
Cil.mkStmtOneInstr ~ghost:true (Set (tabcell, value, unkloc)));
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