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Real example in Colibri index

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......@@ -86,14 +86,17 @@ description: "Colibri - A family of Constraint Solvers"
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<div class="sidetext">
<p>COLIBRI good for because
<p>COLIBRI handles the elements at an higher level than
many other solvers. For example for each floating point
number (IEEE) it keeps its possible values in an interval, and
other flags such as if it is integral. It propagates
this information through the formula.
<p> Example:
<p> For example for the floating-point addition:
{% katex display %}
c = \pm\sqrt{a^2 + b^2}
x \oplus y = 0.1 \Rightarrow x \in [ ?;? ]
{% endkatex %}
x-y=0.1 => x \in [..;..] /\ y \in [..,..]
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