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Fixes INSTALL and README for 22-Titanium

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......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
- [Installing Frama-C from opam repository](#installing-frama-c-from-opam-repository)
- [Installing Custom Versions of Frama-C](#installing-custom-versions-of-frama-c)
- [Installing Frama-C on Windows via WSL](#installing-frama-c-on-windows-via-wsl)
- [Installing Frama-C on macOS](#installing-frama-c-on-mac-os)
- [Installing Frama-C on macOS](#installing-frama-c-on-macos)
- [Installing Frama-C via your Linux distribution (Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora)](#installing-frama-c-via-your-linux-distribution-debianubuntufedora)
- [Compiling from source](#compiling-from-source)
- [Quick Start](#quick-start)
......@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ via the GUI:
## Further reference
- Links to user and developer manuals, Frama-C archives,
and plug-in manuals are available at <br>
and plug-in manuals are available at <br>
- [StackOverflow]( has several
questions with the `frama-c` tag, which is monitored by several members of the
......@@ -110,9 +110,10 @@ via the GUI:
the [issues tracking system](,
for reporting bugs.
- The [Frama-C wiki](
has some useful information, although it is not entirely up-to-date.
- The [Frama-C documentation page](
contains links to all manuals and plugins description, as well as tutorials, courses
and more.
- The [Frama-C blog]( has several posts about
- The [Frama-C blog]( has several posts about
new developments of Frama-C, as well as general discussions about the C
language, undefined behavior, floating-point computations, etc.
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