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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable/titanium' into...

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable/titanium' into feature/blanchard/wp/warn-unsupported-from
parents 274fce90 83db8b4b
......@@ -109,15 +109,23 @@
let loc_ext d = { extended_node = d; extended_loc = loc () }
let concat_froms a1 a2 =
let compare_pair (b1,_) (b2,_) = is_same_lexpr b1 b2 in
let filter_from l = function
| FromAny ->
l, FromAny
| From ds ->
let f ds d = if List.exists (is_same_lexpr d) ds then ds else d :: ds in
l, From(List.(rev (fold_left f [] ds)))
let concat_froms cura newa =
let compare_pair (curb,_) (newb,_) = is_same_lexpr curb newb in
(* NB: the following has an horrible complexity, but the order of
clauses in the input is preserved. *)
let concat_one acc (_,f2 as p) =
let concat_one acc (newloc, newf) =
let (newloc, newf) as p = filter_from newloc newf in
let (_,f1) = List.find (compare_pair p) acc
let (curloc,curf) = List.find (compare_pair p) acc
match (f1, f2) with
match (curf, newf) with
| _,FromAny ->
(* the new fundeps does not give more information than the one
which is already present. Just ignore it.
......@@ -130,12 +138,28 @@
that we get the exact same clause if we try to
link the original contract with its pretty-printed version. *)
Extlib.replace compare_pair p acc
| From _, From _ ->
(* we keep the two functional dependencies,
as they have to be proved separately. *)
acc @ [p]
| From curl, From newl ->
let incl l lin =
List.(for_all (fun e -> exists (is_same_lexpr e) lin) l)
let drop d k =
Kernel.warning ~current:false ~wkey:Kernel.wkey_multi_from
"Drop '%a' \\from at %a for more precise one at %a"
Logic_print.print_lexpr curloc
Cil_datatype.Location.pretty d.lexpr_loc
Cil_datatype.Location.pretty k.lexpr_loc
if incl curl newl then begin
if not (incl newl curl) then drop newloc curloc;
else if incl newl curl then begin
drop curloc newloc;
Extlib.replace compare_pair p acc
else acc @ [p]
with Not_found -> acc @ [p]
in List.fold_left concat_one a1 a2
in List.fold_left concat_one cura newa
let concat_allocation fa1 fa2 =
match fa1,fa2 with
......@@ -151,7 +175,7 @@
| Writes [], _ | Writes _, [] ->
raise (
Not_well_formed (loc(),"Mixing \\nothing and a real location"))
| Writes a1, a2 -> Writes (concat_froms a2 a1)
| Writes a1, a2 -> Writes (concat_froms (concat_froms [] a2) a1)
let concat_loop_assigns_allocation annots bhvs2 a2 fa2=
(* NB: this is supposed to merge assigns related to named behaviors, in
......@@ -2912,12 +2912,17 @@ class cil_printer () = object (self)
(function (a,_) -> not (Logic_const.is_exit_status a.it_content))
let unique_assigned_locs =
let same t1 t2 = Cil_datatype.Term.equal t1.it_content t2.it_content in
let f l (a,_) = if List.exists (same a) l then l else a :: l in
List.rev (List.fold_left f [] without_result)
fprintf fmt "@[<h>%t%a@]"
(fun fmt -> if without_result <> [] then
Format.fprintf fmt "%a " self#pp_acsl_keyword kw)
(Pretty_utils.pp_list ~sep:",@ " ~suf:";@]"
(fun fmt (t, _) -> self#identified_term fmt t))
(fun fmt t -> self#identified_term fmt t))
method private assigns_deps kw fmt = function
| WritesAny -> ()
......@@ -185,6 +185,8 @@ let wkey_no_proto = register_warn_category "typing:no-proto"
let wkey_missing_spec = register_warn_category "annot:missing-spec"
let wkey_multi_from = register_warn_category "annot:multi-from"
let wkey_decimal_float = register_warn_category "parser:decimal-float"
let () = set_warn_status wkey_decimal_float Log.Wonce
......@@ -175,6 +175,8 @@ val wkey_no_proto: warn_category
val wkey_missing_spec: warn_category
val wkey_multi_from: warn_category
val wkey_decimal_float: warn_category
val wkey_acsl_extension: warn_category
......@@ -3994,7 +3994,7 @@ extern size_t strcspn(char const *s, char const *reject);
/*@ requires valid_string_s: valid_read_string(s);
requires valid_string_accept: valid_read_string(accept);
ensures result_bounded: 0 ≤ \result ≤ strlen(\old(s));
assigns \result, \result;
assigns \result;
assigns \result \from *(s + (0 ..)), *(accept + (0 ..));
assigns \result
\from (indirect: *(s + (0 ..))), (indirect: *(accept + (0 ..)));
......@@ -5,10 +5,8 @@
assigns \result \from min, max; */
int choose1(int min, int max);
/*@ assigns \result, \result;
assigns \result \from min, max, min, max;
assigns \result \from min, max, min, max;
/*@ assigns \result;
assigns \result \from min, max; */
int choose2(int min, int max);
int main(void)
[kernel] Parsing tests/rte/assign5.c (with preprocessing)
[kernel:annot:multi-from] Warning:
Drop '*p' \from at tests/rte/assign5.c:9 for more precise one at tests/rte/assign5.c:10
[kernel:annot:multi-from] Warning:
Drop '*p' \from at tests/rte/assign5.c:19 for more precise one at tests/rte/assign5.c:18
[rte] annotating function main
/* Generated by Frama-C */
/*@ assigns *p, *p;
assigns *p \from x;
/*@ assigns *p;
assigns *p \from \nothing; */
int f(int *p, int x);
/*@ assigns *p, *p;
assigns *p \from \nothing;
assigns *p \from x; */
/*@ assigns *p;
assigns *p \from \nothing; */
int g(int *p, int x);
int main(void)
int z;
/*@ assigns z, z;
assigns z \from z;
assigns z, z;
void function(void)
int a, b, c, d, e;
// Reminder: assigns are visited in reverse
/*@ assigns a;
assigns a \from a, a, b, c, c; // more precise so replace the next one
assigns a \from c, b, d, e, a;
assigns a;
assigns b \from a, e, b, d, c; // is ignored because the next one is more precise
assigns b \from a, e;
assigns c \from c, c, c, c, c; // both are kept (no inclusion)
assigns c \from d;
void function(void)
[kernel] Parsing tests/syntax/multiple_assigns.i (no preprocessing)
/* Generated by Frama-C */
int z;
/*@ assigns z;
assigns z \from z; */
void function(void)
[kernel] Parsing tests/syntax/multiple_froms.i (no preprocessing)
[kernel:annot:multi-from] Warning:
Drop 'b' \from at tests/syntax/multiple_froms.i:9 for more precise one at tests/syntax/multiple_froms.i:10
[kernel:annot:multi-from] Warning:
Drop 'a' \from at tests/syntax/multiple_froms.i:7 for more precise one at tests/syntax/multiple_froms.i:6
/* Generated by Frama-C */
int a;
int b;
int c;
int d;
int e;
/*@ assigns a, b, c;
assigns a \from a, b, c;
assigns b \from a, e;
assigns c \from c;
assigns c \from d;
void function(void)
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