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......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ let () = private_ [
* D1.3 ([[downloads/D1_3.pdf|pdf]], [[downloads/D1_3.tar.gz|tar.gz]]): Benchmark Environment (OCI)
* D4.1 ([[downloads/Deliverable-1.4-FPA-in-Alt-Ergo.tar.gz|tar.gz]]): Floating Point Arithmetic in Alt-Ergo
* D4.2 ([[downloads/D4_2.pdf|pdf]], [[downloads/D4_2.tar.gz|tar.gz]]): Preliminary Implementation of the SOPRANO-solver (Popop)
* D2.1 and D2.2 ([[downloads/D4_2.pdf|pdf]]) : Combination frameworks
* D2.1 and D2.2 ([[downloads/D2_1-D2_2.pdf|pdf]]) : Combination frameworks
* D3.1 ([[downloads/D3_1.pdf|pdf]]): Floating Point Arithmetic Solver
# Softwares
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