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ANALYZED_DIRS_MAKEFILES:=$(foreach dir,$(shell cat fc/analyzed-directories.txt),C/testcases/$(dir)/GNUmakefile)
all: C/testcases/GNUmakefile $(ANALYZED_DIRS_MAKEFILES) juliet-patches improve-testcasesupport-patches done
@echo "Downloading Juliet 1.3 zip from NIST's website..."
wget --continue
@echo "Extracting Juliet 1.3 contents..."
# Copy Frama-C scripts and main makefile
C/testcases/GNUmakefile: C/testcases
@echo "Copying Frama-C scripts..."
cp fc/testcases-scripts/* C/testcases
# Symbolic links to internal makefile, for each tested directory
$(ANALYZED_DIRS_MAKEFILES): C/testcases/GNUmakefile
@echo "Installing makefiles for analyzed directories..."
(cd $(dir $@); ln -s $$(realpath --relative-to $$PWD $(CURDIR)/C/testcases)/GNUmakefile .)
# Apply patches to fix some Juliet 1.3 tests
juliet-patches: C/testcases
ifeq (,$(wildcard ./.juliet-patches-applied))
@echo "Applying patches to fix some Juliet 1.3 tests..."
git apply --whitespace=nowarn fc/patches/fix-tests.patch
@touch .juliet-patches-applied
@echo "juliet patches already applied."
# Apply extra patches to avoid warnings related to RAND*() macros and
# printf modifiers
improve-testcasesupport-patches: C/testcases
ifeq (,$(wildcard ./.improve-testcasesupport-patches-applied))
@echo "Applying patches to improve RAND*() macros and io.c..."
git apply --whitespace=nowarn fc/patches/improve-testcasesupport.patch
@touch .improve-testcasesupport-patches-applied
@echo "improve-testcasesupport patches already applied."
fc/frama-c/build/bin/frama-c: fc/frama-c
@echo "Locally building and installing Frama-C..."
(cd fc/frama-c && ./configure --prefix=$$(pwd)/build)
$(MAKE) -C fc/frama-c -j
$(MAKE) -C fc/frama-c install
@echo ""
@echo "Everything done. Make sure Frama-C is installed,"
@echo "go to directory C/testcases and run 'make'."
rm -rf C
rm -f .juliet-patches-applied
rm -f .improve-testcasesupport-patches-applied
.PHONY: done
# Frama-C's repository for SATE VI tests (Juliet 1.3 for C/C++)
Frama-C was used to run C tests for NIST's Juliet 1.3 Test Suite for C/C++,
as part of the [SATE]( tool exposition.
This repository contains scripts to reproduce the tests.
*Note*: the scripts used here are different from those developed by NIST SAMATE