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23.0-Vanadium release

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layout: default
date: "06-07-2021"
event: Frama-C 23.0 (Vanadium)
title: Release of Frama-C 23.0 (Vanadium)
link: /fc-versions/vanadium.html
Frama-C 23.0 (Vanadium) is out. Download it [here](/fc-versions/vanadium.html).
Main changes with respect to Frama-C 22 (Titanium) include:
###### Kernel
- New `admit` annotations (which already accepted `assert` and `check`) to express hypotheses to be admitted but not verified by Frama-C
- Set default machdep to `x86_64`; allow setting machdep via environment variable `FRAMAC_MACHDEP`
###### AORAI
- New option for tracking the last N states of the automaton. Easier analysis of instrumented code with Eva
###### E-ACSL
- Add runtime support for Windows
- Add support for loop variant
- Add support for multiple binders in guarded quantifications
###### EVA
- Partial support for recursion: new option `-eva-unroll-recursive-calls` to precisely analyze the n first recursive calls, before using the function specification to interpret the remaining calls
- Improved automatic widening thresholds
- Improved automatic loop unroll
###### WP
- New internal WP engine, fixing many issues related to control flow graph and local variable scoping. Support for stmt contracts has been removed. Support for looping gotos has been removed. Altough unsound, the legacy engine is still accessible via `-wp-legacy` option
- Bump Why3 version to 1.4.0
- Section « Limitation & Roadmap » added to the WP manual
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layout: version layout: version
number: 23 number: 23
name: Vanadium name: Vanadium
beta: true acsl: 17
releases: releases:
- number: 0 - number: 0
categories: categories:
- name: Frama-C v23.0~rc1 Vanadium - name: Frama-C v23.0 Vanadium
files: files:
- name: Source distribution - name: Source distribution
link: /download/frama-c-23.0-rc1-Vanadium.tar.gz link: /download/frama-c-23.0-Vanadium.tar.gz
help: Compilation instructions help: Compilation instructions
help_link: /html/installations/vanadium.html help_link: /html/installations/vanadium.html
- name: User manual - name: User manual
link: /download/user-manual-23.0-rc1-Vanadium.pdf link: /download/user-manual-23.0-Vanadium.pdf
- name: Plug-in development guide - name: Plug-in development guide
link: /download/plugin-development-guide-23.0-rc1-Vanadium.pdf link: /download/plugin-development-guide-23.0-Vanadium.pdf
help: Hello plug-in tutorial archive help: Hello plug-in tutorial archive
help_link: /download/hello-23.0-rc1-Vanadium.tar.gz help_link: /download/hello-23.0-Vanadium.tar.gz
- name: API Documentation - name: API Documentation
link: /download/frama-c-23.0-rc1-Vanadium-api.tar.gz link: /download/frama-c-23.0-Vanadium-api.tar.gz
- name: ACSL 1.16 (Vanadium implementation) - name: ACSL 1.17 (Vanadium implementation)
link: /download/acsl-implementation-23.0-rc1-Vanadium.pdf link: /download/acsl-implementation-23.0-Vanadium.pdf
- name: Plug-in Manuals - name: Plug-in Manuals
sort: true sort: true
files: files:
- name: Aoraï manual - name: Aoraï manual
link: /download/aorai-manual-23.0-rc1-Vanadium.pdf link: /download/aorai-manual-23.0-Vanadium.pdf
help: Aoraï example help: Aoraï example
help_link: /download/aorai-example-23.0-rc1-Vanadium.tgz help_link: /download/aorai-example-23.0-Vanadium.tgz
- name: Metrics manual - name: Metrics manual
link: /download/metrics-manual-23.0-rc1-Vanadium.pdf link: /download/metrics-manual-23.0-Vanadium.pdf
- name: Rte manual - name: Rte manual
link: /download/rte-manual-23.0-rc1-Vanadium.pdf link: /download/rte-manual-23.0-Vanadium.pdf
- name: Eva manual - name: Eva manual
link: /download/eva-manual-23.0-rc1-Vanadium.pdf link: /download/eva-manual-23.0-Vanadium.pdf
- name: WP manual - name: WP manual
link: /download/wp-manual-23.0-rc1-Vanadium.pdf link: /download/wp-manual-23.0-Vanadium.pdf
- name: E-ACSL manual - name: E-ACSL manual
link: /download/e-acsl/e-acsl-manual-23.0-rc1-Vanadium.pdf link: /download/e-acsl/e-acsl-manual-23.0-Vanadium.pdf
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