Commit 20f35c61 authored by Thibault Martin's avatar Thibault Martin
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PC targets (unused but who knows...)

parent 7682c057
# eva is loaded due to 'unroll' annotations
LANNOTFLAGS=-no-autoload-plugins -load-module eva,variadic,postdominators,lannotate -lannot=DUC -print-libc
LUNCOVFLAGS=-luncov-wp -wp-prover qed -luncov-timeout 36000
#PCFLAGS=-pc -pc-no-xml -lib-entry -pc-eclipse-options="-g 200012000" -pc-deter
......@@ -49,6 +50,12 @@ $(1)_NA_Eq_VA_WP: $(2)
TARGETS+=$(1)_Candidate $(1)_NA $(1)_NA_Eq $(1)_Eq $(1)_VA $(1)_WP $(1)_NA_Eq_VA $(1)_NA_Eq_WP $(1)_NA_Eq_VA_WP
# $(1)_PC: $(2)
# $(RUN_FC) $$^ $(LANNOTFLAGS) -variadic-no-translation -lannot-log a:$$@.1 -lannot-o $$(basename $(1))_PC_labels.c
# $(RUN_FC) $$(basename $(1))_PC_labels.c $(PCFLAGS) -variadic-no-translation -pc-log a:$$@.2
# cat $$@.1 $$@.2 > $$@
# rm -f $$@.1 $$@.2
filter-out-substring = $(foreach v,$(2),$(if $(findstring $(1),$(v)),,$(v)))
filter-in-substring = $(foreach v,$(2),$(if $(findstring $(1),$(v)),$(v),))
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