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shorter option name for separating annotations + update README

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......@@ -31,6 +31,11 @@ generated from a given meta-property. This name is of the form `_nnn`, where `nn
is unique within each annotated function. Hence, with this option, each generated `meta` assertion
is identified uniquely by the `property_name`, the function to which it belongs, and this id.
Finally, generated annotations are normally tied to the statement upon which
they apply. Option `-meta-separate-annots` will generate no-op instructions and
tie each annotation to a separate instruction, forcing the order in which they
ought to be considered.
Several other options are available: use `frama-c -meta-h` for more information.
## Basic meta-property
......@@ -89,7 +89,7 @@ module Static_bindings = Self.Int (struct
module Separate_annots = Self.False (struct
let option_name = "-meta-separate-annot-instruction"
let option_name = "-meta-separate-annots"
let help =
"When set, each generated statement annotation will be tied to its own \
(nop) instruction. Otherwise (default), all annotations generated for \
/* run.config
OPT: @META@ -meta-number-assertions @PRINT@
OPT: @META@ -kernel-verbose 0 -meta-separate-annot-instruction @PRINT@
OPT: @META@ -kernel-verbose 0 -meta-separate-annots @PRINT@
int *p1;
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