Commit b2441c11 authored by Julien Girard-Satabin's avatar Julien Girard-Satabin
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version 0.2

parent 456404e9
# This file is generated by dune, edit dune-project instead
opam-version: "2.0"
version: "0.1"
version: "0.2"
synopsis: "Compiler from ONNX to verification tools"
description: """
A compiler from neural networks
(lang dune 2.1)
(name ISAIEH)
(version 0.1)
(version 0.2)
(generate_opam_files true)
(license "LGPL-2.0-only WITH OCaml-LGPL-linking-exception")
(authors "Zakaria Chihani" "Julien Girard-Satabin")
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