Commit e20c54bf authored by Julien Signoles's avatar Julien Signoles
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[translate] compile

parent 60887910
......@@ -112,11 +112,13 @@ let add_cast ~loc ?name env ctx strnum t_opt e =
else if not (Cil.isIntegralType ty) && strnum = C_number then
Cil.mkCast e Cil.longType (* \null *)
else begin
(* TODO RATIONAL: this case seems to be possible:
getting a very long rational constants (so a string) to be casted
to an integer *)
assert (not (Cil.isIntegralType ty) && sty = Str_R)
assert (not (Cil.isIntegralType ty) && strnum = Str_R);
assert false
mk_mpz e
else if Real.is_t ctx then
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