Commit dbcf9ef1 authored by Virgile Prevosto's avatar Virgile Prevosto
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[logic] fix export of merged statement contract in Annotations API

parent f39f7de4
......@@ -290,35 +290,6 @@ module Behavior_set_map = Transitioning.Stdlib.Map.Make(Datatype.String.Set)
let is_same_behavior_set l1 l2 =
Datatype.String.Set.(equal (of_list l1) (of_list l2))
let merge_stmt_contracts_emitters contracts =
let add_one acc (c,e) =
match c.annot_content with
| AStmtSpec(bhvs, spec) ->
let bhvs = Datatype.String.Set.of_list bhvs in
(match Behavior_set_map.find_opt bhvs acc with
| Some (spec', e') ->
merge_funspec spec' spec;
if Emitter.equal e e' then acc
Behavior_set_map.add bhvs (spec', Emitter.kernel) acc
| None ->
let spec' = Cil.empty_funspec () in
merge_funspec spec' spec;
Behavior_set_map.add bhvs (spec',e) acc
(* avoid sharing directly the spec,
as merge_funspec will modify it in place*))
| _ -> acc
let merged_contracts =
List.fold_left add_one Behavior_set_map.empty contracts
(fun bhvs (spec,e) acc ->
(AStmtSpec (Datatype.String.Set.elements bhvs, spec)),e)
:: acc)
merged_contracts []
let merge_annots_emitters extract merge make annots =
let merge_same_bhvs bhvs (ca,a,e) acc =
let elt =
......@@ -345,6 +316,21 @@ let merge_annots_emitters extract merge make annots =
let bhvs = List.fold_left treat_code_annot Behavior_set_map.empty annots in
Behavior_set_map.fold (fun _ (ca,_,e) acc -> (ca,e) :: acc) bhvs []
let merge_stmt_contracts_emitters =
let extract ca =
match ca.annot_content with
| AStmtSpec(bhvs, spec) -> Some (bhvs,spec)
| _ -> None
let merge s s' =
let e = Cil.empty_funspec() in
merge_funspec e s;
merge_funspec e s';
let make bhvs s = AStmtSpec(bhvs,s) in
merge_annots_emitters extract merge make
let merge_loop_assigns_emitter =
let extract ca =
match ca.annot_content with
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