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[doc] update reference manual wrt support of rationals

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......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
logic-type-expr ::= built-in-logic-type ;
| id ; type identifier
built-in-logic-type ::= "boolean" | "integer" | { "real" }
built-in-logic-type ::= "boolean" | "integer" | "real"
variable-ident ::= id
| "*" variable-ident ;
......@@ -125,6 +125,13 @@ in \lstinline|\\at|}
\section{Changes in \eacsl Implementation}
\subsection*{Version \eacslversion}
\item \changeinsection{reals}{support of rational numbers and operations}
\subsection*{Version Potassium-19}
\item \changeinsection{logicspec}{support of logic functions and predicates}
\emph{Disclaimer:} this chapter is yet empty. It is left here to give an idea of
what the final document will look and to be consistent with the \acsl reference
\emph{Disclaimer:} this chapter is empty on purpose. It is left here to be
consistent with the \acsl reference manual~\cite{acsl}.
......@@ -45,12 +45,6 @@ only difference between \eacsl and \acsl predicates are quantifications.
Reals are not correctly supported by the \eacsl plug-in right now. Only
floating point numbers are supported: real constants and operations are seen as
\C floating point constants and operations.
\eacsl quantification must be computable. They are limited to two limited forms.
......@@ -260,10 +254,17 @@ It is not possible to define logic types introduced by the specification writer
\subsection{\notimplemented{Real numbers} and floating point numbers}
\subsection{Real numbers and floating point numbers}
\difficults{\notimplemented{Exact real numbers} and even floating point numbers}
\difficults{Exact real numbers and even floating point numbers}
Real numbers beyond rationals are currently not supported by the \eacsl
plug-in. Only rationals (in $\mathbb{Q}$) and floating point numbers are
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