Commit d424a74b authored by Julien Signoles's avatar Julien Signoles
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[archi] additional comment

parent 5c56d8d7
......@@ -347,7 +347,9 @@ let add_new_block_in_stmt env kf stmt =
"@[new stmt (from sid %d):@ %a@]" stmt.sid Printer.pp_stmt new_stmt;
new_stmt, env
(* [TODO ARCHI] not sure returning the stmt_kind is useful *)
(* [TODO ARCHI] not sure returning the stmt_kind is useful;
actually probably useful for printf-like functions.
(* visit the substmts and build the new skind *)
let rec inject_in_substmt env kf stmt = match stmt.skind with
| Instr instr ->
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