Commit a6a214d7 authored by Virgile Prevosto's avatar Virgile Prevosto
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[makefile] .depend has dependencies after all, but they are .PRECIOUS

i.e. we don't want them to be removed by an over-zealous `make` that considers
them as a by-product of `.depend`, which would then require them again and
again and again...
parent 789e83ff
......@@ -2280,9 +2280,13 @@ PLUGIN_DEP_LIST:=$(PLUGIN_LIST)
.PHONY: depend
# tell make not to remove generated files even if they are only a byproduct
# of making .depend.
.PRECIOUS: $(GENERATED) share/Makefile.dynamic_config
# in case .depend is absent, we will make it. Otherwise, it will be left
# untouched. Only make depend will force a recomputation of dependencies
.depend: $(GENERATED) share/Makefile.dynamic_config
$(MAKE) depend
depend:: $(GENERATED) share/Makefile.dynamic_config
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