Commit 9a878830 authored by Andre Maroneze's avatar Andre Maroneze 💬

[tests] remove flamegraph test

Viewing Flamegraphs requires some specific Perl modules (e.g. open),
which are not necessarily available even with conf-perl.
Since this feature is optional and cannot be entirely tested via command-line,
removing it for now is a better approach than trying to extensively check that
each dependence is available in the test machine.
parent ae67afb6
......@@ -2,7 +2,6 @@
NOFRAMAC: testing frama-c-script, not frama-c itself
EXECNOW: LOG GNUmakefile LOG make_template.res LOG make_template.err cd @PTEST_DIR@ && PTESTS_TESTING= ../../bin/frama-c-script make-template result < make_template.input > result/make_template.res 2> result/make_template.err
EXECNOW: LOG list_files.res LOG list_files.err bin/frama-c-script list-files @PTEST_DIR@/list_files.json > @PTEST_DIR@/result/list_files.res 2> @PTEST_DIR@/result/list_files.err
EXECNOW: LOG flamegraph.html LOG flamegraph.res LOG flamegraph.err NOGUI=1 bin/frama-c-script flamegraph @PTEST_DIR@/flamegraph.txt @PTEST_DIR@/result > @PTEST_DIR@/result/flamegraph.res 2> @PTEST_DIR@/result/flamegraph.err && rm -f @PTEST_DIR@/result/flamegraph.svg
EXECNOW: LOG find_fun1.res LOG find_fun1.err bin/frama-c-script find-fun main2 @PTEST_DIR@ > @PTEST_DIR@/result/find_fun1.res 2> @PTEST_DIR@/result/find_fun1.err
EXECNOW: LOG find_fun2.res LOG find_fun2.err bin/frama-c-script find-fun main3 @PTEST_DIR@ > @PTEST_DIR@/result/find_fun2.res 2> @PTEST_DIR@/result/find_fun2.err
EXECNOW: LOG find_fun3.res LOG find_fun3.err bin/frama-c-script find-fun false_positive @PTEST_DIR@ > @PTEST_DIR@/result/find_fun3.res 2> @PTEST_DIR@/result/find_fun3.err
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>Eva Flamegraph</title>
<embed src="flamegraph.svg" style="max-width:100%;width:1400px;min-width:1000px">
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