Commit 93fff3f8 authored by Loïc Correnson's avatar Loïc Correnson
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[wp/tests] added option -wp-no-cache-env

FRAMAC_WP_CACHE=update ./ptests.opt src/plugins/wp/tests -config qualif
parent d3d05e39
......@@ -1216,12 +1216,14 @@ module MODE = WpContext.StaticGenerator(Datatype.Unit)
let name = "Wp.Cache.mode"
let compile () =
if not (Wp_parameters.CacheEnv.get()) then
raise Not_found ;
let origin = "FRAMAC_WP_CACHE" in
parse_mode ~origin ~fallback:"-wp-cache" (Sys.getenv origin)
with Not_found ->
parse_mode ~origin:"-wp-cache" ~fallback:"none"
let mode = Wp_parameters.Cache.get() in
parse_mode ~origin:"-wp-cache" ~fallback:"none" mode
with Not_found ->
if Wp_parameters.has_session ()
then Update else NoCache
{ "prover": "why3:Alt-Ergo,2.0.0", "verdict": "valid", "time": 0.0158,
"steps": 40 }
{ "prover": "why3:Alt-Ergo,2.0.0", "verdict": "valid", "time": 0.0139,
"steps": 4 }
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
/* run.config_qualif
CMD: @frama-c@ -no-autoload-plugins -load-module wp -wp-share ./share -wp-msg-key shell
OPT: -wp -wp-prover alt-ergo -wp-session shall_not_exists_dir -wp-cache offline
OPT: -wp -wp-prover alt-ergo -wp-session shall_not_exists_dir -wp-cache offline -wp-no-cache-env
COMMENT: The session directory shall not be created
/* run.config_qualif
CMD: @frama-c@ -wp-share ./share -wp-msg-key no-cache-info,success-only -wp-par 1 -wp-session @PTEST_DIR@/oracle@PTEST_CONFIG@/@PTEST_NAME@.@PTEST_NUMBER@.session -wp-cache offline
CMD: @frama-c@ -wp-share ./share -wp-msg-key no-cache-info,success-only -wp-par 1 -wp-session @PTEST_DIR@/oracle@PTEST_CONFIG@/@PTEST_NAME@.@PTEST_NUMBER@.session -wp-cache replay
OPT: -eva -eva-msg-key=-summary -then -wp -then -no-eva -warn-unsigned-overflow -wp
......@@ -589,8 +589,15 @@ module Cache = String
- 'replay': update mode with no cache update\n\
- 'rebuild': always run provers and update cache\n\
- 'offline': use cache but never run provers\n\
This option is overriden by environment variable FRAMAC_WP_CACHE.\
This option is overriden by environment variable FRAMAC_WP_CACHE,\
unless -wp-no-cache-env is used."
let () = Parameter_customize.set_group wp_prover
module CacheEnv = True
let option_name = "-wp-cache-env"
let help = "Use environment variable FRAMAC_WP_CACHE to override -wp-cache"
let () = Parameter_customize.set_group wp_prover
......@@ -107,6 +107,7 @@ module Generate:Parameter_sig.Bool
module Provers: Parameter_sig.String_list
module RunAllProvers: Parameter_sig.Bool
module Cache: Parameter_sig.String
module CacheEnv: Parameter_sig.Bool
module Drivers: Parameter_sig.String_list
module Script: Parameter_sig.String
module UpdateScript: Parameter_sig.Bool
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