Commit 7421ddf7 authored by David Bühler's avatar David Bühler Committed by Andre Maroneze
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[Eva] "-eva-domains name" is a shortcut for "-eva-domains-function name:main+".

parent 99a92890
......@@ -90,15 +90,18 @@ module Config = struct
dynamic_abstractions := dynamic :: !dynamic_abstractions
let configure () =
let add_main_mode mode =
let main, _ = Globals.entry_point () in
(main, Domain_mode.Mode.all) :: mode
let add config name make =
let enabled = Value_parameters.Domains.mem name
and mode =
try Some (Value_parameters.DomainsFunction.find name)
with Not_found -> None
if enabled || mode <> None
then add (make (), mode) config
else config
let enabled = Value_parameters.Domains.mem name in
let mode = Value_parameters.DomainsFunction.find name in
let mode = if enabled then add_main_mode mode else mode in
add (make (), Some mode) config
with Not_found ->
if enabled then add (make (), None) config else config
let aux config (Flag domain as flag) =
add config (fun () -> flag)
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