Commit 2cf7f9b4 authored by Virgile Prevosto's avatar Virgile Prevosto Committed by Andre Maroneze
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[ptests] silently ignore blank lines in tests configuration directives

parent 50fbafa5
......@@ -819,13 +819,16 @@ let scan_options dir scan_buffer default =
r := (List.assoc name config_options) dir opt !r
with Not_found ->
lock_eprintf "@[unknown configuration option: %s@\n%!@]" name)
with Scanf.Scan_failure _ ->
| Scanf.Scan_failure _ ->
if str_string_match end_comment s 0
then raise End_of_file
else ()
| End_of_file -> (* ignore blank lines. *) ()
while true do
if Scanf.Scanning.end_of_input scan_buffer then raise End_of_file;
Scanf.bscanf scan_buffer "%s@\n" treat_line
assert false
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