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[MdR] change test dir name

parent 37611ebd
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ PLUGIN_CMO:=\
PLUGIN_REQUIRES:=ppx_deriving ppx_deriving_yojson yojson
PLUGIN_DISTRIB_EXTERNAL:= configure share/acsl.xml
include $(FRAMAC_SHARE)/Makefile.dynamic
/* run.config
OPT: -mdr-remarks tests/eva/
OPT: -mdr-remarks @PTEST_DIR@/
/* extracted from Juliet test suite v1.3 for C
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ the `bad` ones have indeed an error.
The C source files (not including the headers `.h` files)
that have been considered during the analysis are the following:
* `tests/eva/*.c`
* `tests/md/*.c`
......@@ -60,10 +60,10 @@ Table: Warning reported by Frama-C
| Location | Description |
| tests/eva/cwe126.c:28 | `out of bounds read. assert \valid_read(data + i);` (emitted by `eva`) |
| tests/md/cwe126.c:28 | `out of bounds read. assert \valid_read(data + i);` (emitted by `eva`) |
## Warning 0 (tests/eva/cwe126.c:28) {#warn-0}
## Warning 0 (tests/md/cwe126.c:28) {#warn-0}
......@@ -87,10 +87,10 @@ Table: Alarm emitted by the analysis
| No | Kind | Emitter | Function | Location |
| [0](#alarm-0) | `mem_access` | `Eva` | `CWE126_Buffer_Overread__malloc_char_loop_64b_badSink` | tests/eva/cwe126.c:28 |
| [0](#alarm-0) | `mem_access` | `Eva` | `CWE126_Buffer_Overread__malloc_char_loop_64b_badSink` | tests/md/cwe126.c:28 |
## Alarm 0 at tests/eva/cwe126.c:28 {#Alarm-0}
## Alarm 0 at tests/md/cwe126.c:28 {#Alarm-0}
The following ACSL assertion must hold to avoid invalid pointer dereferencing
(undefined behavior).
[kernel] Parsing tests/eva/cwe126.c (with preprocessing)
[kernel] Parsing tests/md/cwe126.c (with preprocessing)
[eva] Analyzing a complete application starting at main
[eva] Computing initial state
[eva] Initial state computed
[eva:initial-state] Values of globals at initialization
[eva] tests/eva/cwe126.c:76: allocating variable __malloc_goodG2B_l76
[eva] tests/md/cwe126.c:76: allocating variable __malloc_goodG2B_l76
[eva] using specification for function exit
[eva] FRAMAC_SHARE/libc/string.h:118:
cannot evaluate ACSL term, unsupported ACSL construct: logic function memset
[eva] tests/eva/cwe126.c:62: starting to merge loop iterations
[eva] tests/eva/cwe126.c:40:
[eva] tests/md/cwe126.c:62: starting to merge loop iterations
[eva] tests/md/cwe126.c:40:
allocating variable __malloc_CWE126_Buffer_Overread__malloc_char_loop_64_bad_l40
[eva] tests/eva/cwe126.c:26: starting to merge loop iterations
[eva:alarm] tests/eva/cwe126.c:28: Warning:
[eva] tests/md/cwe126.c:26: starting to merge loop iterations
[eva:alarm] tests/md/cwe126.c:28: Warning:
out of bounds read. assert \valid_read(data + i);
[eva] done for function main
[eva] ====== VALUES COMPUTED ======
......@@ -54,4 +54,4 @@
Preconditions 8 valid 0 unknown 0 invalid 8 total
100% of the logical properties reached have been proven.
[mdr] Report tests/eva/result/ generated
[mdr] Report tests/md/result/ generated
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