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# Report an issue with Frama-C
To report an issue, You must either create an account on the
[GitLab of Frama-C](, or use your Github
account. The reporting is done through the
[issue tracking system](
If you are creating your account for your first bug report, consider
this trade-off carefully: we will never use your e-mail address to
contact you for something other than the bug you reported. But if you
provide an invalid e-mail address, your bug may linger for months
because the assignee is waiting for more feedback and you didn't
receive the notice.
The menu "Choose a template" provides a template "bug_report" that
you just have to fill in.
Some advices to post your issue:
- Use English to report an issue. Using French is also acceptable to
report a **private** issue.
- If the bug report is not for a crash, include the **EXPECTED
BEHAVIOR** that you would have liked to see.
- Include the **OBTAINED BEHAVIOR** in enough detail that someone else
can decide if they have reproduced your bug.
- Include **HOW TO REPRODUCE** the issue. Provide everything necessary
for someone else to reproduce the bug: input
files, command line used, sequence of actions. If your analysis
project depends on system headers, please use one of the two following
options to be sure that:
- (Preferred) Use the option `-print` of Frama-C
$ frama-c ./your_files*.c -ocode result.c
- Use the preprocessor (Note however that this second option will
drop ACSL annotations, using `-CC` keeps all comments):
$ gcc -C -E -I . original.c > result.i
The status of an issue may be one of the following:
- new: the issue has not been yet considered by any Frama-C developer.
- assigned: the issue has been assigned to a Frama-C developer. However the
assignee has not yet considered this issue.
- confirmed: the issue has been confirmed by the assignee (or by any Frama-C
developer if there is no assignee). It is really a bug or a wished feature.
- resolved: the issue has been fixed by the assignee. The Frama-C development
version contains the patch which will be part of a future release.
- closed: the issue is no more relevant. Either it is not really a bug or a
wished feature, or it is fixed in a public release available from the
[download page of Frama-C](/html/get-frama-c.html).
If Frama-C crashes or behaves abnormally, you are invited to report an issue via the [Frama-C Gitlab repository](
The [New Issue page](
allows creating a new report, but you will need an account.
Unless you have an account provided by Frama-C the team, you need to sign in
using a [Github]( account.
When creating a new issue, choose the `bug_report` template next to
*Title*, then enter the title and fill the template.
Bug reports can be marked as public or confidential. Public bug reports
can be read by anyone and may be indexed by search engines. Confidential
bug reports are only shown to developers.
Please fill the template as precisely as possible, *in English*[^1],
which helps the team more quickly understand, reproduce and respond to
the issue. The form uses Markdown syntax and you can attach source files
and screenshots to the issue.
[^1]: French is also a possible language choice for private entries.
Replies and updates concerning your issue are sent by e-mail by Gitlab.
......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ description: Quick access to the documentation of Frama-C and the plugins develo
<li><a href="">Website Git repository</a></li>
<li><a href="">Contributer guide</a></li>
<li><a href="">Known issues</a></li>
<li><a href="/html/bug_reporting_guidelines.html">Bug reporting guide</a></li>
<li><a href="/html/bug_reporting_guidelines.html">Reporting bugs</a></li>
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