Commit cf53a987 authored by Andre Maroneze's avatar Andre Maroneze 💬
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[analysis-scripts] simplify

parent d837d3aa
......@@ -55,11 +55,11 @@ def list_targets(dir):
targets = res.stdout.split()
res = []
for target in targets:
if target.endswith(".eva") or target.endswith(".parse"):
res.append(dir + "/" + target)
target_path = f"{dir}/{target}"
if os.path.isdir(target_path):
res += [dir + "/" + t for t in list_targets(target)]
print(f"list_targets returning: {res}")
raise OperationException(f"target is not a directory: {target_path}")
return res
def clone_frama_c(clonedir, hash):
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